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Tower Rock, Perry County Missouri


I recently posted this photo of facebook asking folks to name what great Missouri beach my Mr. Adventure was at, of course, I even stumped our own Jo Schaper…sorry Jo!

"Mr. Adventure"

Our Great Missouri beach, happened to be at Tower Rock, and as usual after posting a mysterious photo as that I got a flood of questions “what is Tower Rock”…well what is Tower Rock.

TowerRockDRunFor my gang and me Tower Rock was just a Sunday adventure to burn off that extra winter energy we have had stored up. However, we all know every great place has a great story behind it, and we must know it.

Tower Rock is a small island sitting just off shore of the Mississippi River, the history of TowerRock is said to date back as far as 1673, when the Great Tower was made mention of by French explorer Jacques Marquette. On November 25, 1803, Lewis and Clark noted that they had arrived at the Grand Tower just a bit before sunset. For hundreds of years Tower Rock has been used as landmark guide for river explorers and river traffic.

Obviously, my gang and I were not there to explore the river , so what is there to do at Tower Rock?
Like many of our outdoor adventures, our imagination kicks in, and we discover nature from a child’s perspective.

TowerRockSandDunesWe discovered the sand dunes of Missouri.

We put our great muscles to test….no luck we just can’t move it.

TowerrockareaDHours of rock climbing…not sure, it is possible to get tired of rock climbing.

TowerRockBeckyI worked on my balance beam skills….no hope they will not accept me in the circus!

TowerRockBeckyFamWe found Tower Rock to be the perfect place to take our latest crazy face family photo…these are in high demand these days!

Most of all we just enjoyed nature and spending the nice day outside! While Tower Rock is really just a big rock off the edge of the Mississippi River, there really is much to do there. Fishing, Picnic Area, a short hiking trail, and of course some great bird watching.

Tower Rock Natural Area is located on County Road 460 off Route A in Perry County, MO. Visit the Missouri Department of Conservation’s website for more details!

Have an Adventurous and Fun Day!


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