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Friends of Riverways want ONSR to raise management standard

readerssoundoff Thanks for your July editorial – “Most Endangered is a Stretch.” Even if we disagree about the severity of the problems on the Current River, most people who know the situation seem to agree there are in fact problems. Many of us have appreciated American Rivers taking up the issue – we hope that the National Park Service will pay more attention to this park than they have in the past, and bring Ozark National Scenic Riverways up to the proper standards of management.
Rest assured that we understand the distinctions between a “National Park” and a national “Riverways.” The 1964 legislation spells that out, just as it does for each area in the National Park System, including National Seashores, Monuments, Parkways, etc. Congress has also made it clear that the National Park Service has the responsibility to manage every area of national designation, including the Riverways, up to certain minimum standards of quality. Missouri, Missourians, and our very best river deserve no less.

Kally Higgins and Wallis Warren, Friends of Ozark Riverways

For other views on the Jacks Fork and Current Rivers and related issues, see our August e-Edition of River Hills Traveler or pick up a copy at a newsstand near you.

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