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Pulaski County is back open for business…

By Jo Schaper

Three days ago I drove to Jefferson City to launch from there early on Thursday morning to the State Fair in Sedalia.


I drove home (well, actually to the office) this morning. I usually take U.S. 50 to make the trip, and in doing so, crossed the Gasconade, the Maries and the Osage rivers.

These three rivers, in full, horrific whitecapped chocolate raging a mere week ago are placid and blue green; a touch high in places, but showing no sign of the destruction wrought by the extreme rains.

You couldn’t even see where U.S. 50 had been closed.

The city of Waynesville, and much of Pulaski County still have cleaning up to do, but they want people to know that they are most assuredly open for business. I talked to Karen Hood of Pulaski County USA, their visitors and tourists organization, yesterday.

“Most of our outfitters are back on the rivers,” she said. “There is no harm in calling, but this is float season; people want to be back out there and operating as soon as they can. Sure it was a hit for some people, and SEMA (state emergency management people) are helping residents, but the rivers are back down, and most tourist related businesses are up and running. We’re hoping for a good Labor Day weekend to help make up for the flood. ”

” They know things like this happen in a floodplain. But people don’t have to stay away,” Hood said, “we’re good to go again.”

As in the deep Ozarks, the excess water is being metered out by the local spring systems, allowing people to float high on the Big and Little Pineys….as a number of people have said:
“It’s April in August.”

Today, Traveler got a note from Laura Huffman, also of that organization, asking us if we could get the word out that “our outfitters are open.”

Here you go, Laura.

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