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Creve Coeur to allow bow hunting, Town & Country sharpshooting

In other urban deer hunting news, two St. Louis County municipalities have voted to allow hunting in their cities to help control deer overpopulation. deer2

The Creve Coeur city council voted 5-2 Monday night to allow bowhunting on property of at least one acre with permission of the property owner. Creve Coeur’s ruling allows bowhunting under MDC regulations with archers registered with the state, and hunting only from tree stands. They also made it illegal to deliberately feed deer.

Town and Country voted 7-2 to allow sharpshooting, and to hire White Buffalo, Inc. to perform the shooting beginning next month. This company has furnished deer control measures to this city in the past.

For more details on these related stories, visit the link at, Creve Coeur Patch or search most of the St. Louis area TV websites under “News.”

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