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Ozark houses: White River Valley stonework

Looking over Bull Creek, about 30 miles south of Springfield, this old house displays one of several types of stonework that appears in the houses built in the White River Valley around 100 years ago. The smooth, flat stones come from the rivers and creeks. Some people call it river rock.

Waters of March

I feel a surge of happiness when I see  Ozarks streams running full of cold, clean water.
This season brings to mind one of my favorite songs, “Waters of March,” written by Antonio Carlos (”Tom”) Jobim, a Brazilian composer and musician who was at the forefront of the wave of popularity of bossa nova music in [...]

Pen-raised whitetail deer are domestic animals, under Missouri law

If a court told me that I had to kill my dog for killing a deer, I’d be upset. But it could happen.
When a dog kills or maims a “domestic animal” in Missouri,  the statutory penalties (section 273.020 RSMo) are harsh. The owner or keeper of the bad dog is liable for the full amount of [...]

Missouri’s laws relating to streams

Editor’s Note: Traveler is pleased to provide readers with the blog, Ozarks Law & Economy by Harry Styron, a Branson attorney of the firm, Styron & Shilling. Harry, who happens to be my brother, often writes on topics relating to the Missouri outdoors. I think you’ll find his comments educational and thought-provoking. Please feel free [...]