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High water in Riverways for now; hope for weekend

ere are a couple of photos I took in Shannon County Aug. 7. The Ozark National Scenic Riverways had closed both the Current and Jacks Fork to floating. Water levels had fallen from their crests, but with more rain expected Wednesday night, tourists, resorts and outfitters were hoping for things to get back to normal [...]

Niangua outfitter pulls no punches: Misbehavior on rivers must be reversed

Bud Meador, owner of Redbeard’s Ranch on the Niangua River near Lebanon, was the first canoe outfitter to respond to River Hills’s Traveler’s request for a canoe outfitter’s perspective on the the Meramec River shooting. We sent a list of questions as an idea of topics outfitters might want to address. Bud was kind enough [...]

Stream Poll Update: Black River leads with 45% of vote

Here’s the status of voting in TravTalk’s Favorite Ozark Float Stream Poll, as of 11 a.m., Monday, June 24:
Black River, 45%, 65 votes
Jack Fork, 39% 56 votes
Current River, 38% 54 votes
Eleven Point River, 20% , 29 votes
Meramec River, 15%, 21 votes
St. Francis River, 8%, 11 votes
North Fork, 7%, 10 votes
Buffalo River, 7%, 10 [...]

One week to go: Vote for your favorite Ozark float streams

As this item goes up on Friday afternoon, June 21, Current River is leading our poll of favorite Ozark float streams with 15 votes. That may be an accurate reflection of sentiment around the state — but maybe it isn’t. We think there’s a place in this poll for a little home stream boosterism. You [...]

Stream Team cleanup canoe giveaway June 1

CANCELLED FOR NOW: The Jacks Fork cleanup sponsored by Stream Team 714 and the Scenic Rivers Stream Team Association for today has been cancelled. The river is closed and Alley Campground is closed after an 8-foot rise on the river on Friday, according to Pat Haviland, one of ST 714’s organizers. She says to let [...]

Big Spring Campground open; Deer Leap closed

Two announcements today affect public use along the Lower Current River.
First, Faye Walmsley announced that Ozark National Scenic Riverways has reopened the Big Spring Campground for camping. The roadways in the Big Spring campground, lodge and cabin areas were repaved and a new culvert and road surface installed. “The repaving and [...]

Traveler Float Trip Guide 2013 now online

The River Hills Traveler Float Trip Guide 2013 is now online. A big 20 all-color pages, we cover more rivers than ever before, including Emery’s childhood hangout, the Elk in southwest Missouri, and the Buffalo River in Northwest Arkansas. This
Did we miss your favorite stream? Tell us and we’ll try to go there next [...]

Entire White River is now a Blueway. What does that mean?

LITTLE ROCK, AR— Deputy Secretary of the Interior David J. Hayes today announced that the White River, along with its watershed, has been named the nation’s second National Blueway. Hayes was joined by Senator Mark Pryor, Congressman Tim Griffin, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army Terrence “Rock” Salt, Deputy Undersecretary of Agriculture Ann Mills, [...]

A day of loafing on the Meramec

Vilander Bluff offers cave to explore, scenic view

By Emery Styron
A pair of normally hardworking, middle-aged newspaper guys sneaked out for a fall day of loafing on the Meramec River today and found it much to their liking

Don Corrigan and I met at the crack of 9 a.m. to fortify ourselves with ham, eggs, biscuits, gravy, [...]

Tie Raft Sept 1: video and slide show

It’s been a while coming, but below are links to video taken of raft building at Deer Leap Recreation Area on Sept. 1 of the tie-raft reenactment: (about 2 and a half minutes) and a slideshow of the entire day (select shots out of the 300 plus we took: slide show time about 4 [...]