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Albino deer killed in Texas County

According to this story in the Houston (MO) Herald, a rare albino deer was taken Saturday between Raymondville and Licking by Bob Seeber of Union.

Photo by the Houston Herald, Houston, Missouri

Photo by the Houston Herald, Houston, Missouri

Conservation agents examined the deer Saturday night. The deer was known to be in the area.

2 comments to Albino deer killed in Texas County

  • avatar lesa

    why would anyone shoot this beauty??? it also looks kinda young isn’t that illegal?

  • avatar Jo

    Texas County is not an antler-restricted county, so as long as the person had an antlerless or any-deer permit, it’s legal. Sixty-nine counties have restrictions such that a deer has to have 4 points on one side of the antlers to legally take a deer with an antlered deer permit. In those counties, bucks with spikes longer than 3 inches, or between 1 and 3 points on a side are protected. – Jo

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